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i-rise, the multi-functional solution

  • i-rise, the multi-functional solution
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Two functions for one room ...

Our most advanced i-desk, the i-rise uses ground-breaking patented technology to provide immediate access to a hidden computer. At the touch of a button, the teacher can transform the i-rise from a clear flat workspace into a state of the art ICT platform.

One of our top selling products, installed in primary schools, universities, MOD and blue chip organisations, this multi-function desk offers practical ICT solutions to areas otherwise considered unsuitable.

What our customers say !

'Pupils (and sometimes teachers themselves!) are often so eager to use the computer, they forget to listen to the objective and explanation! The i-rise system allows facilitators to start the lesson with a clear desk, then once pupils are ready to begin, one touch makes the technology appear!

‘One of the things schools need most from their communal spaces is flexibility. The i-rise allows the suite of desks to be used for dual functionality.’

'We were finding that a substantial amount of ICT equipment was unintentionally broken, simply from being moved around and from lack of suitable storage. The security that the i-rise provides has dramatically improved this situation.’

The support from i-desk solutions ltd was extremely effective and the installation took only two days.’

‘Our pupils are very excited about their new computer suite and keen to learn. Parents are very impressed with new technology.’

Beatrix Simpson, Head Teacher, George Eliot School, London

I - rise

Watch how the i-rise works, 


  • Group / Collaborative learning Teacher-student communication is aided by this design before and after ICT enhanced learning/work through a completely unobstructed view when the computer equipment is in its down position.  Related ICT work can start or be continued quickly.

  • Multi-function Space Each mouse, monitor and keyboard retracts into the desk providing a dual-use ICT and conventional room for seating, conferences or teaching.

  • Modular From a minimum of 2 to the maximum number of desks in a row that space permits, the modular units optimise the available space.
  • i-rise™ mobile : mounted securely on lockable castors, these desks are manœuverable and sturdy.

  • i-rise™ B2B, Row, Hex: Back to Back, in a straightforward row (e.g. ideal against walls  or corners) or hexagonal units; whichever units your space requires can be installed to create a unique feel right for your needs.  With curved/angled linking units we can combine i-print, i-basic and other i-desks seamlessly so the space meets your vision.

  • Control A teacher desk control switch situated at the front of the classroom seamlessly enables transition between uses and keeps the ICT equipment safe and secure when not in use.

  • Security The rising chassis in the i-rise contains the interface equipment.  This is retractable and lockable.  The patented computer cassette is locked and encased in the same way as the i-classic™


Nottingham trent university

NTU required fully multi-function collaberative workspaces - i-desk had the solution !

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