Creating beautiful, functional spaces for your offices & employees

Your office and the furniture you choose to put in it is a statement to your customers and staff about the type of company you are and want to be. The average office worker spends up to a third of their working life in the office or place of work therefore creating an attractive, functional and flexible work environment can impact on morale, motivation, business performance as well as your brand and culture.
At Draft Design Build we appreciate this which is why our ethos is to create innovative but functional furniture for your office personally created to suit each individual client. Every Draft Design Build Solution receives the same level of attention to detail and personal care that makes our desks and furniture unique. This includes a focus on uncompromising quality and finish, using only the best materials, components and modern techniques to create office furniture and solutions that are built to last and that leave a lasting impression on your customers and staff.
From start to finish, Draft Design Build will be with you to ensure our clients’ visions and ideas come to life every time. Draft Design Build work closely with customers from initial concept through to completion and beyond to consistently deliver high quality solutions for the future.
Office Technology is moving very quickly so at Draft Design Build we specialise in Integrating all types of technology within our range of desk & storage furniture. It might be your PC tower, iMac, Mini PC, All-in-One devices, Thin-client, Portable devices, Audio Visual equipment or Artificial intelligent devices our experienced design team will help you achieve your vision and create an office or boardroom to be proud of!





Create a dynamic atmosphere with a ddb workspace solution. Encourage employees to engage and communicate
The unique and beautiful range of ddb office designs are built to inspire and promote creativity. With technological advancement comes change.
A ddb workspace solution has been developed to integrate seamlessly with technology and adapt to the demands of the modern office.
With clever cable management systems and choice of desktop controls, a ddb desk promotes a tidy and safe working environment.
A ddb workspace solution can be created to compliment a specific style, theme, colour or corporate identity.
With a huge choice of colours and high-grade surfaces, a ddb desk can be designed and produced to suit
a specific need or brief.
A ddb desk is upgradeable which means it can be adapted to any environment or change in use. All desks are made using the highest quality sustainable materials and can withstand some of the toughest environments, making them last for many years.
That’s why a ddb desk offers incredible total cost of ownership and return on investment.
The wellbeing of the user is foremost in mind when creating a ddb workplace desk. If heat, light and posture is addressed, a healthy, comfortable and productive workplace is achieved.
Our sit-stand designs are programmed to encourage people to move more by using a clever 4 positioned electronic actuator feature. Our i-heat technology is available on a number of desk top options and is developed to provide users with localised heat to the individual, therefore helping to reduce fuel bills and maintain comfortable working environment. The beautiful sleek Aerodesk has a light bar feature which offers a choice of light colours including one that simulates natural daylight. Great for those dark or winter days.



The Wave desking system was designed to maximise space in an office with a built in Modesty screen
The Hybrid was design to have all the build quality and guarantees of the classic version with the style of the Commercial I-rise


The i-rise “row” with integrated technologies is the ultimate in multifunctional workgroup desking. This popular design securely houses built-in PC’s, screens and keyboards. With a press of a button, the IT equipment is lowered into the unit and locked in place. The i-rise then converts into a large flat work surface, making it ideal for team meetings.
Whether the workgroup is for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 people, the fantastic i-rise desk system is packed with useful space saving options. It offers true multifunctionality and promotes communication and team work. The designs can be adapted to specific needs and can include integrating many technology options and even a large interactive screen. There are plenty of surface options including i-heat and a wide selection of colour choices. Matching storage cabinets to finish off the look are also available.
i-poppy, the new eye-popping design available in an array of colours and finishes, including i-heat technology.
The fabulous ergonomically shaped tops are fitted with a number of technology features including wireless chargers, USB, heated surface and of course sit- stand capability. Each top can house two fixed display screens and is operated independently, giving enough privacy for more detailed work. When all tops are set to the same height, it transforms into a large meeting table i-rise hexagonal is a multi purpose workgroup solution for 6 people. A wide choice of colours and surfaces are available to create a superb corporate style or theme.
IT technology is fitted into the furniture to ensure it can be locked down and stored away so the whole system becomes a large table for other uses. This solution is ideal for call centres and hot desking environments. Many options including a superb cable and wire management system can be integrated into the design so the desktop is kept neat and tidy.


With a huge choice of materials, colours, finishes and integrated technology options, a Draft Design Build bespoke service will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Give DDB the challenge to amaze and delight you with an inspirational and dynamic bespoke design.

Whatever your need or the function is, Draft Design Build has the skills and production equipment to bring a concept to life.
If you are struggling to find the right solution for your specific workplace problem, then Draft Design Build will be able to help. Our aim is to give customers a true one of a kind inspirational solution that is not just beautifully made but is practical and superb value for money. With a huge choice of materials, colours, finishes and integrated technology options, a Draft Design Build bespoke service will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Bespoke and Prototyping Service

ddb stands for Draft, Design and Build. Our team is made up of innovative designers and highly skilled craftspeople using the latest technology to produce inspiring and breath-taking creations for everyone without compromising on aesthetics or quality. ddb products are designed, prototyped, tested and produced in our own UK state-of-the-art facility using the very best in sustainable materials and production techniques.


Founder, Steve Brooks offers over 40 years of unique and highly skilled experience in cabinet making using advanced design and manufacturing processes.

The prototype service uses advanced “inventor” software, CNC production, vacuum forming and virtual 3D modelling for conceptual product design.


ddb products are created to interact seamlessly with new and emerging technologies, such as energy saving desks including the revolutionary new i-heat desk solution.

A ddb design service will create ideal bespoke workspace furniture for a specific need, brief or function and meet the very highest standards expected from a ddb product.


The beautiful designs are built using the very best sustainable materials through carefully selected suppliers. ddb have not just invested heavily in design and production equipment, but also in the skilled people who make and build each product by hand. Every product is stunning, practical and made to last.
Beautiful looks and high grade finishes, colours and a wide range of options gives customers choice.